Sentence Completions

1)    Many ______ politicians are highly ______ when it comes to political assassinations as they believe that there are some aspects of governance that are too profane to be fathomed by the voting populace.

v)     eloquent….fantastic
w)    reticent….pious
x)    cynical.…reticent
y)    mellifluent….peculiar
z)    verbose….tedious

2)    He possessed the qualities of the ultimate follower as opposed to a leader since college; the _____ and the power worship; the absence of _____ and the desire to be near  where the maelstrom was.

l)    lucidity….love
m)    brilliance….morality
n)    clarity….greed
o)    sycophancy….scruple
p)    hesitancy….fear

3)    Villains such as the dapper Robert E. Lee are often _______, while real heroes such as Tecumseh Sherman, are habitually _______.

v)    beloved….vilified
w)     hated….abhorred
x)    ignored….forgotten
y)    controversial….ignored
z)    jovial….depressed

4)    Walt Whitman was often ______ for the fact that he did not ______ taking baths; he didn’t see any sound reason to change his behavior.

v)    praised….enjoy
w)    abhorred…like
x)    castigated….fancy
y)    loved….enjoy
z)    adored….feel like

5)     The election campaign was ________ period in his rather pedestrian mundane life.

l)     a jovial
m)    an assiduous
n)    a fragmented
o)    an irregular
p)    a frantic

6)    The life of a writer is one where the frustrating pursuit of perfect language is often a  long   ________ journey.

v)    facile
w)    arduous
x)    effortless
y)    naturally
z)    graceful

7)    Diets of most human beings during the first millennium BC _______ of vegetables.

l)    is packed
m)    regularly consisted
o)    is made up of
p)    is constituted of
q)    unevenly contained

8)    In an effort to reduce their inventories during slow periods, American auto manufacturers offer _____ to increase sales.

v)    bribes
w)    bonuses
x)    kickbacks
y)    under the table payments
z)    incentives

9)    The OJ Simpson Case will live in infamy in the annals of American _________; it is the first case that proved to Americans that lawyers, as opposed to tangible evidence, determine a defendant’s _______ or innocence.

l)    television… defense
m)    history… responsibility
n)    jurisprudence… culpability
o)    sociology… class
p)    media… ratings

10)    Under intense _____, Nazi rocket scientists indicated that they developed most of their rockets using information ______ from duplicates of patent applications from the United States Patent And Trademark Office.

l)    scrutiny… copied
m)    interrogation… gleaned
n)    inquiry… forged
o)    investigation… duplicated
p)    study… memorized

11)    A coronal mass ejection or CME (consisting of electrified gas and solar radiation) hurtles through the galaxy at speeds up to 1800 kilometers per second — lucky for us, the earth’s magnetosphere _____ most of the particles.

v)    absorbs
w)    reflects
x)    digests
y)    ingests
z)    deflects

12)    It seems that every megalomaniac, after he leaves public office, writes a _______ account of how he was denied the absolute authority necessary to remake the world as he saw fit.

l)    humorous
m)    sarcastic
n)    banal
o)    mordant
p)    lachrymose

13)    Within two hours of the board meeting, which tore through the reasons why so many of the elderly _____ needed to tender their resignation, the new Chairman and CEO decided to postpone a planned flight to San Francisco for meetings with his top lieutenants.

l)    African-Americans
m)    assistant vice-presidents
n)    secretaries
o)    directors
p)    plutocrats

14)     Religious extremism in England and France during the 16th through 18th centuries was an outgrowth of, and not the basis for, _________ fact that government alone cannot provide enough opportunities for a rapidly increasing population.

v)    an immutable
w)    a pompous
x)    a hysterical
y)    a false
z)    a positive

15)    When the price of oil had risen from $3 to $11, Saudi Arabia was able to _____ 1000 years of human development in less than six years, and thus catch up with all of its rivals in Europe.

l)    go backwards
m)    go forwards
n)    leapfrog
o)    overstretch
p)    undermine

16)    Great Britain, considers the values, customs and beliefs of Irish society to be ______ to its own culture and economic interests and does not understand why the Northern Irish will not accept their status as a subjugated people.

v)    superior
w)    equal
x)    friendly
y)    anathema
z)    colonial

17)    Unable to find the actual lawbreaker, the district attorney and the police decided to _________ any known felons who were within one square mile of the crime scene and who could not afford adequate counsel; thus, assuring a quick conviction in an election year.

l)    assassinate
m)    prosecute
n)    execute
o)    imprison
p)    persecute

18)    The Central Park Jogger cases, as well as scores of other cases where defendants were _________ by DNA evidence, bring into question the of police work and eyewitness testimony when the defendants are black and the victim is not.

v)    authenticity
w)    fantasy
x)    veracity
y)    whimsy
z)    duplicitous nature

19) Mendoza never imagined that at the midpoint of his journey to power that he would be more confused and scared, even though the _______ of his goal was not far off.

l)    remoteness
m)    inaccessibility
n)    vanity
o)    proximity
p)    diffidence

20)    Jane, a politician, knew she was an adult (as a teenager, she felt it was the apogee of human hypocrisy) when she _______   war as a way to improve the economy.

v)    disapproved
w)    sincerely opposed
x)    criticized
y)    frowned upon
z)    sanctioned

21) The gambling industry’s generous political contributions have ______ efforts to regulate it and have enabled them to remove nearly all probability course work from high school curricula.

l)    stymied
m)    enhanced
n)    worsened
o)    exacerbated
p)    damaged

22)    Businessmen are worried about the impact of anti-smoking comments on _________sales to African Americans.

v)    fraudulent
w)    excessive
x)    criminal
y)    exploitative
z)    lucrative

23)    Few American’s are aware that billionaire’s like Michael Bloomberg, Henry Macklowe, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Naveen Jain, Sandy Weill,     Ronald Lauder, and Ross Perot Sr. (and thousands more) garner enough tax-free income to provide $1,000 ________ annually to each and every elected politician in the United States; thus, facilitating the transformation of America from a democracy to plutocracy.

l)    bribes
m)    inducements
n)    fraudulently induce
o)    criminal inducements
p)    contributions

24)    Bartholomew, an African-American graduate of Princeton University, found himself routinely castigated for the tiniest errors by his ______ who had wanted to hire a less threatening graduate from the local state university.

v)    contemporary
w)    elder
x)    better
y)    boss
z)    supervisor

25)    As the Latino community grows and gains more political influence, and as it becomes more diverse, the issue of what is a Hispanic     becomes more _________.

l)    emphatic
m)    problematic
n)    assured
o)    easy
p)    certain

26)    The _______ of executives with high school diplomas at the bank made     Rabinowitz realize that she would have a hard time finding a ______ who could help her move up in the ranks.

v)    plethora…  mentor
w)    lack… contemporary
x)    shortage… lover
y)    excess…  devotee
z)    gamut…  sycophant

27)    Jason, an African-American, was the typical affirmative-action hire that the newspaper’s human resources department sent up to Schultzburg, a xenophobic editor who withdrew from prep school without graduating: poorly schooled, incredibly  incompetent (bordering mental retardation), and __________ a threat to a manager who, in 12 years, would receive a pension.

l)    possibly be
m)    probably
n)    likely to be
o)    incapable of being
p)    almost certainly be

28)    White-collar criminals, such as Andy Fastow, Ken Lay  and Michael Milken, are unable to confront their moral _______  while _______, as their diminutive prison sentences in affluent surroundings are prima facie evidence of them having gotten away with the crime.

v)    shortcomings… incarcerated
w)    rectitude… being interviewed
x)    superiority… making political contributions
y)    goodness… not paying taxes
z)    insecurity… bribing judges

29)    Although President Bill Clinton’s testimony lacked ________, it was         not prerequisite to treason; nor were his actions undermining the powers vested in him as President of the United States—thus, his impeachment did nothing, but weaken the nation—ultimately setting it up for the travails and tragedies of 2001.

l)    duplicity
m)    verisimilitude
n)    dishonesty
o)    deception
p)    deceit

30)    _______, _______ and immoral practice in the United States, is returning to America’s West, possibly due to the rampant increase in homosexuality and unemployment among American males.

v)    Bribery… a moral
w)    Forgery… a criminal
x)    Fidelity… a legal
y)    Marriage… an unlawful
z)    Polygamy… an illegal

31)    In many metropolitan centers, a person can go to jail for several months for stealing a cart full of groceries to feed his kids, but he faces no risk of incarceration were he to _______ tens of millions of dollars from a public corporation.

l)    spend
m)    expense
n)    embezzle
o)    deduct
p)    withhold

32)    Scheduling of the science fiction feature, which depicted ______ African-American captain, who when faced with adversity, carefully mapped out his antagonists desires and then mollified any conflagration with grace and alacrity, was relegated to Sunday’s at 11:00 AM in the Southern United States.

v)    an incompetent
w)    a reckless
x)    an irresponsible
y)    an imprudent
z)    an erudite



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